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    Fabric feeder series

    Fabric feeder

    • Fabric feeder
    • Fabric feeder
    • Fabric feeder




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    The fabric feeder is a compact and efficient vacuum feeding equipment designed to improve the quality of fabric ironing and reduce human influence. Both small and large pieces can effectively improve the efficiency of fabric feeding and the quality of fabric spreading. Usually installed in the front of a high-speed ironing machine, the operator only needs to place the cloth on the feeding table, and the feeding machine can suck the wet cloth into the vacuum chamber to ensure a smoother cloth spreading. There are material blocking and discharge barriers installed at the exit to prevent the fabric from turning corners and entanglement. The efficient fabric feeder can ensure a smoother fabric to be passed to the ironing machine, while greatly improving the fabric feeding efficiency. The latest design technology ensures a more compact machine, with a front and rear projection less than 1200m, making it easy for users to flexibly configure

    (1) Efficient centrifugal fan and optimized design of air duct structure provide strong airflow to ensure smooth, stretchable, and smooth cloth feeding of cloth grass

    (2) High quality organizing effect for pillowcases, napkins, and tablecloths.

    (3) Suitable for large pieces of linen such as bedding and bed sheets to improve the quality and production efficiency of finished products

    (4) Labor operation time is greatly reduced, which can improve work efficiency and reduce work intensity

    (5) Significant flattening effect and improved ironing quality

    (6) Automatic speed mode, which can be synchronized with the ironing machine for control

    (7) Optional high brightness lighting to check the cleanliness of the linen, assist in the rejection function of dirty linen, and effectively detect dirty linen

    (8) Configure discharge barriers to improve conveying efficiency

    (9) Adjustable knob controller for more convenient operation

    (10) Lower wind guide structure, lower noise

    (11) Reasonable height of the cloth feeding table, which can accommodate the cloth tanker

    (12) Adjustable fan air volume, suitable for various types of linen

    (13) The lower cleaning door structure allows for the removal of cotton lint and the removal of fallen linen.

    (14) Drawer type fan plush cleaning structure, which can facilitate the cleaning of exhaust plush

    (15) The articulated discharge machine structure facilitates the docking of the fabric feeder and the ironing machine, making it more suitable for different layout requirements of customers

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